Flip the MLS

This course is for anyone that is looking for a better, cheaper more consistent source of deals. This course is unique because you can use this information to either start your Real Estate Investing career, or to scale your existing Investment Company. Save money on marketing by replacing your existing campaigns (ie-mailers, bandit signs, etc) with a cheaper, better source. (or) Increase your deal inventory by adding in these awesome tactics as a new income stream.

  • Individuals that are just starting out and need a consistent source for deals.

  • Individuals and Companies that are looking to scale their business and need a massive inventory.

  • Individuals and Companies that want to increase their income with a powerful new income stream.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    How to use the LIGON U System

    • Here's How the LIGON U Learning System Works.

    • Legal Disclaimer

  • 2

    Flip the MLS Overview

    • Overview Phase #1

    • Overview Phase #2

  • 3

    Research & Analyze Properties

    • Finding Properties (Online)

    • Finding Properties (System)

    • Reviewing Comps - (Online)

    • Reviewing Comps - (System)

    • Offer Price & Tiers (vs) List Price

    • Tier Property Review

  • 4

    Offer Protocols & Follow-Up

    • Offer Protocols / Follow-up Intro

    • Contract Review (FARBAR)

    • Contract Review (TAR)

    • Real Estate Agent (Call Review)

    • Follow-Up Protocols

    • Counter Offer Protocols

    • Calling Agent & Follow Up Download

  • 5

    Cut Through the Confusion!

    • Cut Through the Confusion!

  • 6

    Contract to Close (MLS)

    • Legal Disclaimer

    • Contract to Close Overview

    • Executed Contracts

    • Email Marketing Your Deal

    • B to C - Contract Review

    • Re-Negotiating Contract

    • Release and Cancel Overview

  • 7

    Misc - Document Review

    • Legal Disclaimer

    • Addendum Review

    • Assignment of Contract Review

    • H.U.D. Review

    • Joint Venture/ Partnership Agreement Review

    • Lien Search Review

    • Title Commitment Review

  • 8

    Misc Downloads

    • Offer/Deal/Closing/ Tracking Spreadsheet

Flip the MLS

Learn to Use Listed Properties as an Endless Source of Inventory

In this Course you will learn how to use already listed properties as an endless inventory or deals. You don't even need access to the MLS! Think about it, what's more motivated than a Seller who's already trying to sell?
Find listed properties