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LigonU provides Expert Coaching through a collection of Programs & Courses for Stock Trading & Real Estate Investing Developed by The Ligon Brothers. Their unique curriculum is the most extensive Investment training material on the web today. With over a decade of real-world Investing experience, Mike & David Ligon provide dynamic Investment training tools and online video courses for any level Investor.

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    Enroll in one of our Investment Courses and begin your journey towards Financial Freedom. Don't procrastinate, make an Investment in your future today!


    Implement the Knowledge that you'll learned from our course material into your business, your life and your everyday interactions. Use those tactics daily and become an Expert.

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    Advance your business with everything you've learned. Watch as your profits skyrocket with every new tactic and every new piece of information. Knowledge is Power!

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The Ligon Brothers

Creators of LigonU

Michael Ligon aka “The Fixer” and David Ligon aka “Mr. Real Estate” are collectively known as the Ligon Brothers. The Ligon Brothers are Award-Winning Coaches, Real Estate Investors, Stock Traders, Authors and Wealth Creation Specialists. They developed and created LYNK Real Estate Systems, LYNK Wholesaling; The Real Estate Connector Method and The MLS Digital Flipping Method, each being a unique method for investing in real estate. They are also the founders of The Ligon Group of companies.
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“I started with No Experience and I was only able to do it part-time. But I still was able to get my first check in less than 6 weeks! I love the training, it's simple and easy to understand and most of all it works!”

Sam - Miami, FL

“Heather and I already had a Real Estate Investing Business, but with the Ligon Brothers Tactics, specifically the Flip the MLS course, we were able to scale and take our Business past its plateau!”

Heather & Billy - Los Angeles

“I hit the ground running with the course material and took advantage of some of the extra features like coaching calls. Now I'm working on 3 deals in the 1st Month. I'm on track for a Big Year!”

Jermal - Atlanta

“I know where to start now and that was the biggest thing for me, knowing where to begin. The Ligon Brothers course material gave me all the direction I needed to start making money in Real Estate.”

Kaitlyn - Houston

“I've tried a lot of different guru courses over the past few years and I got nowhere. The Ligon Brothers made it super easy for me to learn about Real Estate Investing, I've been able to quite my 9-5 and I'm a full time investor!”

Bengi - Nashville

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“If you're tired of the same ole'stuff, then this is the right training for you! I've been able to increase my revenue, my inventory and now my team in just 3 Months. This is the real deals info.”

Ronnie - West Memphis

“I'm a newbie to the whole Real Estate Investing thing, I started out with the LYNK Wholesaling course and I made my first $5k check this week! Watch out world here I come!”

Alisha - Tampa

“I'm a plumber by trade with no experience in Real Estate, but I took the LYNK Wholesaling course and l was able to quite my job after 3 months. ”

Kevin - San Diego

“I started Wholesaling Real Estate for extra income, but after taking the Ligon Brothers courses, I'm on track to make more than my Hubby this Year. I guess it's time to get him enrolled!”

Angie - New York

“I've always wanted to own Real Estate, but I had no idea where to even begin. With the information I've learned from these courses I truly believe I'll have my portfolio ”

Abdu - Chicago

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LYNK Wholesaling

"The Real Estate Connector Method"

LYNK Wholesaling is truly the only way to become a Real Estate Investor with NO Money, NO Liability and absolutely NO Experience Needed. Get the Book that details exactly what to do to succeed as a New Investor.
Ligon Mentor Training

Wolf Secrets Book

Master the Art of Negotiations

Get the Secrets that the Pros use to Master Any Negotiation. Close More Deals, Win More Arguments and Negotiate like a Wall Street Tycoon. Get Your Copy of Wolf Secrets Today!
Wolf Secrets Book - Master Negotiations

Buyer Building HACKS

"Build a Massive Buyers List"

The Ligon Brothers Cash Buyer Builder HACKS, with provide you with everything you need to build a MASSIVE cash buyers list for your Real Estate Investing Deals
Cash Buyer Building HACK Book - Ligon Brothers

The Ligon Group of Companies

The Ligon Group of Companies
The Ligon Brothers - Real Estate Coaches, Advisors
Ligon Capital - Real Estate Investing Alternatives
Ligon Cash Home Buyers, We Buy Houses
Ligon Business Consulting - We Build Businesses