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At Ligon U, we're committed to empowering you with the knowledge and insights needed to excel in real estate investing. Our collection of how-to articles covers a wide range of topics, providing valuable information that can help you navigate the world of real estate with confidence. 

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Below, you'll find a selection of our most popular investing articles. Feel free to browse through them and discover actionable tips, strategies, and expert advice to fuel your investment journey. 

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Whats the Process for Traditional Wholesaling?

Learn how to navigate the process of traditional wholesaling...

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What is LYNK Wholesaling and How Does it Work?

Explore the innovative world of LYNK Wholesaling in real estate...

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Ideas on How to Invest $10k

Explore a range of ideas on how to invest $10,000 wisely...

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Avoid These Top 10 Mistakes When Flipping Houses

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