Contract to Close: Master Real Estate Transactions

The Contract to Close MASTER Guide is an in-depth review of the documents and procedures you will encounter during a Real Estate Transaction. From the Executed Agreement to the Closed Deal, we cover it all! 

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Documents, Agreements, Procedures, We Cover it ALL.

This course is considered a Must for every Real Estate Investor. No matter what level Investor you are, you need to insure that you fully understand a Real Estate transaction in its entirety. Not only can a lack of knowledge cost you money, but it could also cause you serious problems. This course will insure that you have a full understanding of a Real Estate Transaction from Contract to Closing. 

Course Contents

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Video Walkthrough Guides

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Real Estate Documents and Procedures

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Who is this Course for?

Master the Transaction 

Every Real Estate Investor should strive to become a Master of their craft. You may think you know how a Real Estate transaction works, but you'd be surprised how missing one small piece of knowledge can costs you thousands if not more. The Contract to Close Master guide will fill in all the gaps to insure you